RHI Inquiry to Hear Closing Submissons

05 December 2018

The Independent Public Inquiry into the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme will hear oral closing submissions in further sessions to be held on Wednesday 12 December 2018. These will be held in Room 29, Parliament Buildings, Stormont.  They will commence at 9.45am on Wednesday 12 December and last for three days.

The hearings will begin by concluding some matters outstanding from earlier hearings of the Inquiry.  This will be by way of a short presentation of evidence from Junior Counsel to the Inquiry.  It will be followed by a series of oral submissions from lawyers representing the three core participants and a number of other participants who have been given enhanced participatory rights.  The Chairman and Panel may ask questions on these submissions.

In recent weeks many of these same participants have made detailed closing written submissions to the Inquiry.  These will be published on the Inquiry website by Monday 10 December.

In addition, as anticipated in remarks made by the Inquiry Chair and Inquiry Counsel on Day 111 of the Inquiry’s oral hearings, a number of further witness statements have been received by the Inquiry since the end of the hearing of oral evidence in October.  The Inquiry will publish a range of these statements on its website on Thursday 6 December.

The forthcoming hearings will be open to the public and broadcast via the Inquiry’s website.

Notes to Editors


  1. The RHI Inquiry was set up to investigate fully and report on the non-domestic renewable heating incentive scheme (the RHI Scheme).  This includes the investigation of the original design and implementation of the RHI scheme; the initial operation of the scheme; the circumstances relating to the imposition of cost controls in the scheme in late 2015, as well as the circumstances relating to the suspension of the scheme to new applicants in early 2016.
  2. The Inquiry’s Terms of Reference can be found on the Inquiry website at www.rhiinquiry.org
  3. The Inquiry has already held 3 preliminary hearings and 111 days of evidential hearings, mostly consisting of the receipt of oral testimony.
  4. The Inquiry has received over 1.2 million pages of evidence.
  5. There are three core participants to the Inquiry:
    • Department for the Economy
    • Department of Finance
    • Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)
  6. There are 27 individuals and organisations granted enhanced participatory rights, not all of whom have chosen to make closing written and/or oral submissions: Philip Angus (Civil Servant, DETI); Jonathan Bell (Government Minister); Alan Bissett (Legal advisor to DfE); Bernie Brankin (Civil Servant, DETI); Stephen Brimstone (Special Adviser); Timothy Cairns (Special Adviser); Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) (Consultants); Alison Clydesdale (Civil Servant, DETI); Samuel Connolly (Civil Servant, DETI); Trevor Cooper (Civil Servant, DETI); Arthur Cox (Legal Advisors to DfE); Andrew Crawford (Special Adviser); Arlene Foster (Government Minister); Fiona Hepper (Civil Servant, DETI); Seamus Hughes (Civil Servant, DETI); Peter Hutchinson (Civil Servant, DETI); Timothy Johnston (Special Adviser); Davina McCay (Civil Servant, DETI); Andrew McCormick (Civil Servant, DETI); Joanne McCutcheon (Civil Servant, DETI); John Mills (Civil Servant, DETI); Shane Murphy (Civil Servant, DETI); John Robinson (Special Adviser); David Sterling (Civil Servant, DETI and DFP); Chris Stewart (Civil Servant, DETI); David Thomson (Civil Servant, DETI); Stuart Wightman (Civil Servant, DETI).

Media Arrangements

  1. All media requests should be directed to Deric Henderson, media advisor to the Inquiry.  He can be contacted at deric@derichendersonmedia.com or by phone on 07802 175350.
  2. A broadcast feed of the Inquiry proceedings, with a short inbuilt delay, will be provided via the Inquiry website www.rhiinquiry.org   Playouts or extract clippings will not be available to broadcast outlets and online journalists.
  3. Full transcripts of the day-to-day proceedings will be made available via the RHI Inquiry website, as soon as is practical.
  4. Journalists attending the Inquiry who do not have formal media accreditation to Parliament Buildings, must report to the main reception area at Stormont to obtain a temporary media pass which must be handed back before departing.